How to apply

Town Pastor application form (PDF)

Base Prayer Team application form (PDF)

Base Prayer Team reference form (PDF)

Home Prayer Team application form (PDF)

Prayer Team guidelines (PDF)

Town Pastors

To become a Town Pastor you will need two references, one from your minister. You will be interviewed, and if successful, trained. DBS checks will be required. The training is one Saturday morning and five evening sessions. You should be prepared to volunteer one evening per month, and be able to walk a couple of miles a night.

The next training session is planned for June 2017.

Prayer Team

The requirements for the Prayer Team are less stringent, but you will still need one training session. A prayer team session is planned shortly. If you're awake at home in the small hours- we need you!

There are two distinct ‘streams’ that members of the Prayer Team can opt for.

Each Home Prayer Team member would be asked to cover an hour's slot during the patrol times. Therefore at least 6 people are needed each night. At the beginning of each slot the Home Prayer member would telephone the town centre base to “sign on” and ask what specific things to be prayed for that night.  With 2 teams of 2 Town Pastors on patrol, 2 Prayer Team members at the base and 6 Home Prayer team members; at least a ratio of 2 Prayer Team to 1 Town Pastor is required. If patrolling as a Town Pastor is not for you please volunteer to join the prayer team.

Alternatively, you could be a "prayer buddy" for a Town Pastor, praying for them just before and after they patrol. No specific training or registration is needed, just ask a Town Pastor to let you know when they are on duty.

Newmarket High street at night